1.20.2. Service

To make service with the following frequency: each 12 months – the positions marked (•), and each 30 000 km – all service stations (• and ••).

HUNDRED VW at each inspection interview in addition by means of special devices electronic memory of control units of the engine, the automatic transmission and the conditioner. Therefore it is expedient to visit HUNDRED regularly even if service is carried out by own forces.

• Engine: oil replacement, replacement of an oil filter.
• Cooling system and heating: check of level of cooling liquid, concentration of antifreeze. External survey of tightness and external pollution of a radiator.
• System of removal of the fulfilled gases and a cable a lambda probe: check on absence of damage.
• Engine: external survey on tightness of oil system.
• Diesel engine: check of turns of idling, if necessary to adjust.
• Diesel engine: check of system of removal of the fulfilled gases on soot availability (work HUNDRED).
• Petrol engine: check of turns of idling and maintenance WITH on the engine which is warmed up up to the working temperature. At deviations from the required values to address for elimination of malfunction on HUNDRED.
• Diesel engine: discharge of water from the fuel filter.
•• Klinovy belts: check of reliability and condition of all belts.
•• Spark plugs: to replace.
•• Fuel filter: to replace (only the diesel engine).
•• Gear belts: check of a state and tension (only diesel engines).


The 5-cylinder diesel engine has from 10.91 the semi-automatic tension device, in this case to check only each 60 000 km.

Transmission, drive of wheels

• Protective covers of hinges: check of tightness and absence of damage.
•• Mechanical and automatic transmissions: tightness check by external survey.
•• Automatic transmission: check of the ATF level in the transmission and the drive of axes, if necessary to add oil.

Peredny Bridge and steering

• Spherical support of cross steering drafts: check of gaps and fastening. Check of dustproof caps.
• Axial hinges: check of gaps and dustproof caps.
• Steering: check of gaps, check of covers on tightness and absence of damage.
•• Power steering: check of level of liquid, if necessary to add hydraulic oil (since 92 release of model only each 60 000 km).


• Limiters of doors and screws of fastening: to grease аэрозолью for cylindrical locks G 000 400 01.
•• Protection of the bottom and preservation of cavities: check.
•• Seat belts: check on absence of damage.

Brakes, tires, disks of wheels

• Level of brake fluid: to check, if necessary to add.
• Brakes: check of thickness of lobbies and back brake slips.
• Brake system: check of tightness and absence of damage of pipelines, hoses, brake cylinders, amplifier of brakes and regulator of brake forces.
• Tires: check of depth of a protector and pressure of air in tires; check of wear of tires and on absence of damage (including a spare wheel).

Electric equipment

• All electroconsumers: work check.
• System of lighting and alarm system: check, if necessary adjustment of headlights.
• Sound signal: check.
• Janitors: check of wear of rubber petals.
• Sink of glasses: work check, check of adjustment of jets, having added liquids, check of system of a sink of headlights.

Each 2 years

•• Brake fluid: replacement.

Each 60 000 km

•• Dry air filter: replacement of the filtering element, cleaning of the case of the air filter.
•• Automatic transmission: ATF oil replacement (work HUNDRED).

Each 120 000 km

•• Only diesel engines: replacement of gear belts of the drive of a cam-shaft and fuel pump of high pressure (FPHP) (work HUNDRED).