Replacement of engine oil

Replacement of engine oil requires the following tool:

  – a hole or a hydraulic jack with supports;
  – the special tool for a vyvinchivaniye of an oil filter (pincers for a vyvinchivaniye of an oil filter), a tape key clip or the HAIZET2172 tool;
  – a face nozzle for a vyvinchivaniye of a carving stopper of discharge of oil and the capacity (if oil is not exhausted), which contains not less than 6 l of oil.

The following spare parts instead of worn-out are necessary:

  – if oil is not exhausted: an aluminum or copper sealing ring for a carving stopper of discharge of oil (it is sometimes delivered together with an oil filter);
  – the oil filtering element;
  – depending on the engine of 5,0-5,5 l of engine oil. To apply oil only the resolved VW.

Amount of the replaced oil (with replacement of the filter):

  – 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engine: 5,0 l;
  – 5-cylinder petrol and diesel engine: 5,5 l.

The amount of oil which is between tags of "min" and "max" on the index of level of oil makes 1,5 l. Level of oil has to be between these tags. To make replacement of oil each 15 000 km, at the diesel engine each 7500 km. If the car is operated very little, to make replacement of oil once a year. At the same time the filtering oil element is at the same time replaced.

Under trying conditions operation, in a city cycle, on short pieces, frequent cold starts, strong dust content: to replace engine oil and an oil filter more often.

Engine oil can also be sucked away by means of the probe (at gas station) through a maslozalivny mouth.

Not to pour out oil anywhere and in hozotkhoda, in order to avoid environmental pollution, such as, pollution of ground waters at all.