Replacement of spark plugs

Only the petrol engine

The required special tool: a candle key which can be got in shop of the accompanying autogoods. Candles have a turnkey hexagon of 20,8 mm. It is in addition recommended to get special pincers, for example, of HAZET 1849 which facilitate removal of a candle tip.

It is necessary to get, depending on the number of cylinders, 4 or 5 spark plugs (see subsection


1. To reach candles, it is necessary to cast away a radiator with a lattice forward. To unscrew 4 screws of fastening (arrow).
2. Then to raise a radiator for the handle and to cast away forward (arrows).
3. To disconnect all candle tips, undertaking not a cable, and a tip. Above the mentioned pincers will facilitate removal.
4. To blow if there is an opportunity, niches of candles compressed air in order that dirt did not get to an opening of a candle.
5. To unscrew candles a candle key, only at the engine warm to the touch and to check their state (the so-called "person of a candle"). In the presence of some experience it is possible to draw conclusions on an operational condition of the engine at once. At the same time exist the following of the rule of definition operational a condition of the engine on color and a condition of electrodes and insulators:
      – from light brown to light gray – the correct work of candles and the correct mix;
      – black – mix of a pereobogashchen;
      – light gray – mix is grown poor;
      – are greasy – the corresponding candle does not work or piston rings are worn-out (to check a compression).


1. To check approximately an identical gap between 3 electrodes and an electrode of weight. At new candles the distance between electrodes, as a rule, is less than established.
2. If it is necessary, to adjust a gap, having carefully turned in a weight electrode, easy side blows. Not to use the screw-driver to a podgibaniye, resting it against the region of a carving, and by no means against the central electrode, in order to avoid its damage.
3. To clean carving cutting of candles pure rags.
4. To screw in candles by hand against the stop.

Not to warp a candle at a vvinchivaniye.

5. To tighten candles the moment of 25 N · m.

If near at hand there is no dynamometer key, to tighten new candles approximately on 90 ° (1/4 turns). To tighten old candles only on 15 °. Too strongly tightened candles can be cut off or damage at a vyvinchivaniye a carving in a head of the block of cylinders. In this case to repair a candle carving by means of VTC or Heli-Cjil nozzles.

6. To put on candle tips on an operating procedure of cylinders. An operating procedure at the 4-cylinder engine: 1–3–4–2; 5-cylinder engine: 1–2–4–5–3.
7. The movements here and there to check reliability of fastening of candle tips and cables.