Discharge of water from the fuel filter

Fuel filter

1 – the pipeline of supply of fuel from the fuel tank,

2 – the pipeline of supply of fuel to the pump of the high pressure (TNVD),

3 – the pipeline of return of fuel from TNVD,

4 – the pipeline of return of fuel to the fuel tank (it is marked with an arrow),

5 – lock bracket of the adjusting valve.

The fuel filter is in a cowl under a left headlight.

Only the diesel engine

It is necessary to buy the fuel filter for the diesel engine.

Suitable capacity is necessary for collecting the merged water.

The flowed-out diesel fuel which got on rubber parts (hoses of cooling liquid) needs to be removed right there as it will destroy rubber eventually.

Water discharge valve

The valve of discharge of water is specified by an arrow.

And – a clip.

1. To install the car on a trestle.
2. To unscrew a protective cover of the battery and to remove (screws of a cover are specified by shooters).
3. To check external survey tightness of fuel system, especially connections of hoses to the fuel filter.