Replacement of the filter

1. To merge liquid from the fuel filter as it was described in subsection
2. To clean outside a fuel-supply line (1) and (2) (see rice. The fuel filter) and to remove from the filter, previously having cut off collars.
3. To remove a lock bracket (5) and to take out the adjusting valve together with the connected fuel-supply lines.
4. To take out the fuel filter up. If is available, to remove before a clip (A) (see rice. Water discharge valve).
5. To install the new filter.
6. To put on fuel-supply lines and to fix by collars. Not to mix pipelines of giving and return of fuel. Shooters on the fuel filter specify the direction of course of fuel.
7. To install the adjusting valve with a new sealing ring and to fix it by a lock bracket (5) (see rice. Fuel filter).
8. To check tightness of system. For this purpose to start the engine and to allow to work on single turns. After repeated supply of gas fuel has to proceed on a transparent fuel-supply line to TNVD without bubbles.