Discharge of engine oil

1. To warm up the engine up to the temperature of cooling liquid of 70 °C.
2. To install the car horizontally on supports.
3. To remove the lower protection of a motor compartment.
4. To establish under the oil pallet capacity for collecting the fulfilled oil.
5. To unscrew an oil filter (shooter). At the 4-cylinder engine the oil filter is on the block of cylinders. In the drawing the 5-cylinder engine is represented. For unscrewing of an oil filter there is a special tool, for example, of HAZET2169. It is possible to stitch an oil filter as well the sharp screw-driver sideways. In this case oil follows – to put capacity.


Engine oil can be pumped out also the special probe.

6. To unscrew a carving stopper of discharge of oil (it is specified by an arrow) on the oil pallet and to merge all old oil. For a bystry effluence of oil to unscrew a carving cover of a maslozalivny mouth.


If in engine oil products of attrition and metal shaving in large numbers are found, then it indicates strong wear, for example radical bearings of the crankshaft or rods. To avoid damage of again repaired engine, it is necessary to clean carefully the oil pallet and oil channels.