Oil leak check by external survey

At the engine polluted by oil and a big consumption of oil to check places of leak of oil, having examined the following possible places:

– consolidation of a carving cover of a maslozalivny mouth (to unscrew a cover and to check consolidation for porosity or damages);
– laying of a cover of a head of the block of cylinders;
– laying of a head of the block of cylinders;
– flange connection of the distributor of ignition to the engine;
– consolidation of an oil filter: an oil filter on a flange of an oil filter;
– carving stopper of discharge of oil (consolidation);
– consolidation of the oil pallet;
– an engine junction with the transmission (consolidation on a flywheel or a power shaft).

As at depressurization oil mostly widely spreads on the surface of the engine, it is at first sight difficult to define the place of leak. It is expedient to run for search so:

1. To wash the engine. To Sprysnut the engine means of cold cleaning, to wait some time until he shows the properties and to wash away then water, having covered previously the distributor of ignition and the generator with plastic bags.
2. To strew places of interface and laying on the engine with lime or talc.
3. To check oil level, if necessary to add.
4. To make control departure. As oil of the hot engine becomes more liquid and quicker follows from the damaged places, to make a run about about 30 km.
5. Then to survey the engine by means of a lamp, to find the place of leak and to eliminate.