Check of level of engine oil

Approximately each 1000 km or before a long trip it is necessary to check engine oil level, if necessary to add. On 1000 km the engine should not consume more than 1,0 l of oil. Bigger consumption sign of wear of maslootrazhatelny caps, piston rings or epiploons.


1. The car at measurement has to stand on a horizontal surface.
2. The engine has to have working temperature.
3. After a stop of the engine to wait not less than 3 minutes that oil flew down in the oil pallet.
4. To take out the index of level of oil from the engine and to wipe pure rags.
5. Then to insert the index of level of oil against the stop and again to take out. Level of oil has to be between two tags.
6. To fill in new oil when oil level close approaches the lower tag. The amount of oil from a tag of "min" to a tag of "max" at all engines makes 1,5 l.

It is impossible to exceed a tag of "max", otherwise failure of the catalyst is possible.

7. Filling is carried out through a maslozalivny mouth on a cover of a head of the block of cylinders. To apply the corresponding grades of oils to filling and not to apply additives.


Reckless filling of various grades of oils is adverse. Whenever possible, not to mix oil of one type, but different brands. Engine oils of one type and one brand, but various viscosity, in necessary cases, when changing winter and summer operation, can be added.