Check of level of cooling liquid

Level of cooling liquid needs to be checked regularly, approximately every fourth week, at least, before a big trip. Low level of cooling liquid, at cars with the corresponding equipment, is specified by a constant luminescence of a control lamp on a guard of devices.

To apply to filling as well in warm season, only mix of the low-freezing means of VW GH (or other additive of the TL-VW 774B specification) and clear water with the small content of lime.

Total of gas station (all engines): about 9,0 l.


For continuation of the movement it is possible also, especially in summertime, to add clear water. Then, without postponing, to restore concentration of antifreeze.

1. Level of cooling liquid at the cold engine (temperature of cooling liquid about 20 °C) has to be between tags the MOVE and MIN on a broad tank. At the warm engine level has to settle down a little above a tag the MOVE.
2. To add amount of cold cooling liquid only at the cold engine, in order to avoid damage of the engine.


To open a cover at the hot engine it is careful. Danger to get burns! When opening to impose a cover with rags. Whenever possible, to open a cover at a temperature of cooling liquid below 90 °C.

3. In the beginning to unscrew a few cover up to allow to leave to excessive pressure. Then to turn a cover further and to remove.
4. To check tightness external survey if the level of cooling liquid through short time quickly fell.