Check of tightness of the cooling system external survey

1. To check hoses of cooling liquid, bending and squeezing, on porosity. To replace the hardened hoses.
2. Hoses on connections have to sit reliably.
3. To check reliability of an inhaling of collars. If necessary, to establish to the place of old new collars.
4. To check laying of a cover for absence of damage.

Incorrectly screwed up cover can become the reason of low level of cooling liquid.

5. If the level of cooling liquid often falls, and the place of leak is not found, to check the cooling system on the warm engine. For this purpose to warm up the engine and to leave to work at single turns until the fan turns on. To look whether cooling liquid follows from a water pomp.
6. Considerable leak of cooling liquid and/or oil in cooling liquid, and also white clouds of exhaust gases at the warm engine point to defective laying of a head of the block.

It is sometimes very heavy to find the place of leak. Then check of pressure upon HUNDRED is recommended (the special device is required). At the same time it is also necessary to check the valve of excessive pressure on a tank cover. The required values for pressure of opening of the valve of excessive pressure: on the petrol engine: 1,3–1,5 bars; diesel engines: 1,2–1,5 bars.