Addition of a concentrate of VW

In order that liquid did not freeze at -25 °C in it there have to be 40% of the low-freezing additives. In order that liquid did not freeze at -35 °C the relation of a concentrate and water has to make 1:1.

As a concentrate to apply G11 VW or other anti-freezing means from the TL-VW774B specification (it is specified on packing). In the table it is specified: how many it is necessary to add the anti-freezing means for ensuring concentration of the cooling liquid which is not freezing at -25 °C.

Quantity of the added VW concentrate

The measured value, °C
- 5
- 10
- 5
Quantitative difference in liters



The measurement by the areometer shows that cooling liquid does not freeze at -10 °C. In this case to merge 2 l of liquid from the cooling system and to add 2 l of the pure anti-freezing VW concentrate to the cooling system.

To close a cover of a radiator and after the control run to double-check density.