Check of level of brake fluid

Check of level of brake fluid in a broad tank

The broad tank of brake fluid is under a cowl. It has two cameras, on one on each brake contour. The carving stopper has an opening for production of air which has to be always free from dirt.

The broad tank is transparent so it is possible to watch the level of brake fluid at any time outside. Besides, at VW T4 about too low level of brake fluid the control bulb on a guard of devices signals. However, from time to time it is necessary to look at a broad tank nevertheless.

1. Level of brake fluid has to be between tags the MOVE and MIN.
2. To fill in only new brake fluid, the FMVSS 116 DOT 4 specification.
3. As a result of wear of brake slips the level of brake fluid falls a little, it is normal. At the level of brake fluid a little higher to add MIN tag liquid there is no need though the lower bound of level and is reached.
4. If the level of brake fluid sharply falls during a short interval of time, then it speaks about leak of brake fluid. The place of leak needs to be found. As a rule, it is worn-out cuffs of brake cylinders. Proceeding from safety conditions, check of tightness of system it is better to entrust HUNDRED.