Check of a profile of a protector

Tires of the balanced wheels, at operation with the ordered air pressure, their perfect adjustment and excellent job of shock-absorbers wear out on all length of a protector equally. At uneven wear see diagnostics of malfunctions in subsection 8.9.

The firm conclusion about service life of tires of this or that brand cannot be given as it depends on many factors:

  – paving surfaces;
  – air pressure in tires;
  – driving manners;
  – weather conditions.

Strong impact on wear of tires of wheels is exerted by sports driving, sharp start-off about places and sharp braking.

Drawing of a protector

If wear of a protector comes nearer to minimum admissible the law to depth, it means that if on the indicators of wear put on all length of a protector at a depth of 1,6 mm there was no more drawing of a protector, then these tires need to be replaced.

Tires S M effectively work in the conditions of viscous dirt and snow with depth of protector not less than 4 mm.

To check tires for cuts and to measure depth of cuts by a screw-driver sting. If cuts mention a cord, then the steel belt from hit of moisture rusts. Depending on circumstances, the protector lags behind a cord and the tire is broken off. Therefore at deep cuts of a protector, proceeding from safety conditions to replace tires.