Check of level of oil in the automatic transmission

The ordered oil level is especially important for perfect work of a box. Therefore the level of oil it is necessary to check each 30 000 km carefully.


1. To warm a box up to the working temperature. Temperature of oil has to make about 60 °C. This temperature can be reached through 10 km of a run.
2. To install the car in not loaded state on a plain surface.
3. To install the lever of the choice of transfers to situation "P", to tighten the emergency brake.
4. During check the engine has to work at single turns.
5. The probe for check of level of oil is in a cowl. From here also ATF oil (Automatic Transmission Fluid) refuels. To take out the oil probe and to wipe it with pure, not fleecy rags, it is better skin. Then to insert the probe against the stop, again to take out and look at oil level. Level of warm oil of a box (about 60 °C) has to be between tags of "min" and "max" of the probe.
6. To check appearance and a smell of old oil on the oil probe. The burned slightly products of attrition smell of slightly burned. Dirty oil can cause violations in operation of the transmission.
7. If necessary, to add ATF oil. To apply to filling only the ATF oils resolved by the plant. As a rule, the Automatic-Transmission oils marked with "Dexron" are allowed. All allowed ATF oils can be mixed with each other. Not to apply additives.


Not to fill in too much oil. Its large number can cause malfunctions of the automatic transmission. Anyway excess of oil has to be merged or removed.

8. After check of oil or adjustment of level to insert the probe against the stop again.

9. To squeeze out a foot brake and to slowly popereklyuchat all transfers. Then again to check oil level.


Necessary tool:

  – a face nozzle for screws with an internal hexagon of 12 mm;
  – for a dolivka: G50 gearbox oil (synthetic oil) of SAE 75 W-90.

The ordered oil level at the automatic transmission is especially important for perfect operation of the axial drive. Replacement of oil is not required.

1. To install the car horizontally on supports.
2. To unscrew the screw of control of level of oil (it is specified by an arrow) in the axial drive. The key is for this purpose necessary for 12 mm for screws with an internal hexagon.
3. To implant a finger into an opening. Level of oil has to be at bottom edge of a jellied opening.

If when checking it is established what is in the axial drive of the automatic transmission too little or too much oil, then connection with a planetary box is possible. To find out the reason on HUNDRED and to eliminate.