10.11.1. Removal and installation of the rechargeable battery


1. To switch off ignition.
2. The rechargeable battery in a motor compartment: to open a cover of a cowl and to unscrew a cover of a covering of the rechargeable battery (fastening is specified by shooters).
3. Removal of the second rechargeable battery under sitting of the driver: to shift sitting up to the end forward, to pull for this purpose for an emphasis (1) outside. At the same time sitting slides over an emphasis forward and access to the rechargeable battery from above opens.
4. To disconnect in the beginning a weight(s) wire from the rechargeable battery, then a positive wire ().
5. If is available, to remove a hose of production of air (3).
6. To unscrew a lock plate, to take out the rechargeable battery.


Rechargeable batteries contain poisonous substances which should not get to house waste. To hand over the fulfilled rechargeable batteries on a warehouse of special waste. The local and municipal government is informed on the closest location of place of acceptance.



The second rechargeable battery under sitting of the driver has height of 175 mm. It cannot be replaced with the rechargeable battery 190 mm high.

1. Before installation properly to gloss to smooth out poles of the rechargeable battery. For this purpose the bronze, metal brush approaches. For protection against corrosion to grease both poles with special lubricant against oxidation, for example BOSCH-Polfett.
2. To install the rechargeable battery, to fix a lock plate by the moment of 25 N · m.
3. To connect a positive wire to a plus pole (), then minus a wire to a minus pole (-).


At the wrong connection of the rechargeable battery sensitive damages of the generator and electric equipment are possible. At connection of the rechargeable battery, ignition has to be switched off, otherwise electronic control units can be damaged.

4. To put on a hose of production of air.
5. To establish a cover and sitting of the driver.
6. If it is required, again to program the radio receiver.
7. To determine time.