10.11.5. Self-charge of the rechargeable battery

Depending on equipment of the car also consumption of current by various monitors is added to a natural self-discharge of the rechargeable battery during preservation. Therefore each 6 months it is necessary to recharge the accumulator. If there is a suspicion on superficial currents, to check onboard network as follows:

1. For check to use the charged rechargeable battery.
2. To switch off ignition.
3. To establish on the ampermeter (the field of measurement from 0–5 мА to 5 A) the biggest field of measurement. To disconnect a weight wire from the rechargeable battery. To connect the ampermeter to a minus pole of the rechargeable battery and a cable of weight.


Check can be made also a control lamp. If the lamp connected to a minus pole of the rechargeable battery and a minus cable nevertheless does not light up, then it is necessary to connect the ampermeter.

4. To switch off everything electroconsumers: the available hours (the constant consumer) to disconnect, to close doors.
5. To switch the ampermeter to the milliampermetrovy area until value of current appears (1–3 мА are allowed).
6. Taking out consistently safety locks, to tear off chains. If at any opened chain the indication reduces to zero, then to look for a source of malfunction here. Can be malfunctions: the corroded and polluted contacts, the wiped wires, internal short circuit in units.
7. If in the protected chains of malfunction it is not found, then it is necessary to disconnect conducting from the unprotected chains. It: generator, starter, system of ignition.
8. If at a detachment of the unprotected unit of the shooter falls on 0, to check this unit or to replace. At leakage of current in a starter or system of ignition to check the ignition lock according to the electrical circuitry (see subsection 10.20.7).
9. To connect a weight(s) wire to the rechargeable battery.


To connect the rechargeable battery only at the switched-off ignition, otherwise the control unit of system of injection can be damaged.

10. To determine time on hours.
11. To enter an anticreeping radio code.