10.17.1. Check of tension of the generator

1. To connect the voltmeter to a plus and minus pole of the rechargeable battery.
2. To start the engine. Tension during start has to fall to 8 V (at an external temperature of +20 °C).
3. To lift engine turns to 3000 rpm. Tension has to make 13,5 B - 14,5 Century. This proof to the fact that the generator and the regulator work. The generator tension (onboard tension) has to be more than tension of the rechargeable battery in order that during operation the rechargeable battery was charged.
4. To check stability of the regulator. For this purpose to turn on driving beam and to repeat measurement on 3000 rpm. The measured tension should not exceed measured earlier more, than for 0,4 Century.
5. If the measured values lie outside the required value, to check the generator for HUNDRED.