10.17.3. Replacement of graphite brushes of the generator and check of the regulator of tension

BOSCH generator

The arrow specified tension regulator arrangement.

VALEO generator

The arrow specified tension regulator arrangement.

Depending on equipment, generators of various firms can be installed. Removal of graphite brushes at BOSCH and VALEO generators it is possible at the installed generator. Length of new brushes is equal to 12 mm.


1. To disconnect a weight(s) cable from the rechargeable battery.


At a detachment of the rechargeable battery memory of the radio receiver and electronic control units is erased. If the radio receiver is coded, then before a detachment of the rechargeable battery to write down a radio code. Without input of a code, after connection of the rechargeable battery, the radio receiver will not work.

2. To unscrew and to carefully remove tension regulator on a reverse side of the generator (2 screws).
3. To replace graphitic brushes if length makes 5 mm or less, having unsoldered before that a multicore wire.
4. To check wear of a collector, if necessary to pierce and grind.
5. To clean contacts, to check a condition of contact springs, weakened to replace.


1. To establish graphitic brushes (A) and springs (V) in the holder of brushes (C) and to solder connections.
2. In order that at the soldering of new graphitic brushes solder did not get highly on a multicore wire, to hold it flat pincers.


The solder which rose highly does a multicore wire rigid and graphitic brushes do not work.

3. The insulating hose of a multicore wire has to be fixed near the place of solder at the available springs.
4. After installation of new graphitic brushes to check ease of the course them in the holder of brushes.
5. To fix the regulator of tension in the beginning by hand by one screw, then to establish carefully into place and to fix finally.
6. To connect a weight cable to the rechargeable battery.


To connect the rechargeable battery only at the switched-off ignition, otherwise the control unit of system of injection will fail.

7. To determine time on hours.
8. To enter an anticreeping radio code.