10.17.4. Diagnostics of malfunctions of the generator

The control lamp of charging at inclusion of ignition does not burn
The lamp fused
To replace
The wire of mass of the generator weakened or zakorrodirovat
To check reliability of contact of connection with weight, to tighten the screw
The battery is discharged
To load
Break in a chain between the generator, the lock of ignition and a control lamp
To check the voltmeter according to the electrical circuitry
Shtekerny connection between the diode rectifier and the regulator of tension is faulty
To check, if necessary to replace the plug
Graphitic brushes do not adjoin to a collector
To check ease of the course and length of graphitic brushes (the minimum length of 5 mm)
The winding of excitement of the generator burned down
To replace a rotor
The control lamp of charging does not die away at increase in turns
The belt weakened maple
To pull maple a belt
Tension regulator is faulty
To check generator tension, if necessary to replace the regulator
+ between the generator and a control lamp punched a wire of D on weight
To check a wire and contacts, if necessary to replace a wire
The control lamp of charging burns at vyklyyuchenny ignition
Diodes of the rectifier have short circuit To check diodes, if necessary to replace the diode rectifier