10.18.1. Removal and installation of a starter

Protection () a cable from the rechargeable battery to a starter

The arrow specified protection of a cable.

Fastening of a plait of wires of a starter

Fastening of a plait of wires of a starter is specified by an arrow.


1. To switch off ignition.
2. To disconnect a weight(s) cable from the rechargeable battery.


At a detachment of the rechargeable battery memory of the radio receiver and electronic control units is erased. If the radio receiver is coded, then before a detachment of the rechargeable battery to write down a radio code. Without input of a protective code, the radio receiver, after connection of the rechargeable battery, will not work.

3. To install the car on supports.
4. To unscrew from the plug 30 a wire (1) of the rechargeable battery – a starter and a starter – the generator. To disconnect the plug 50 (2) to the ignition lock.
5. To unscrew screws of fastening of a starter from the transmission (are specified by shooters). The special key is for this purpose necessary.


1. To establish a starter, to tighten 3 screws the moment of 20 N · m, but it is not really strong.
2. To screw a wire on the plug 30 the moment of 15 N · m.
3. To connect a cable to the plug 50.
4. To put on a plastic cover.
5. To connect a weight(s) cable to the rechargeable battery.


To connect the rechargeable battery only at the switched-off ignition, otherwise failure of the control unit of system of injection is possible.

6. To determine time on hours.
7. To enter an anticreeping code into the radio receiver.