10.19.11. Radio receiver

Removal and installation of the radio receiver

The radio receivers installed at the plant are supplied with a case which allows to establish and remove it quickly. However it is possible only by means of the special tool which is applied to the radio receiver upon its purchase or is available on sale. That the radio receiver is in a case, as a rule, it is possible to determine by 4 openings on the forward panel.


1. To switch off ignition.
2. To disconnect a weight(s) cable from the rechargeable battery.


At a detachment of the rechargeable battery memory of the radio receiver and electronic control units is erased. VW makes serial release of the radio receivers supplied with an anticreeping code. It interferes with undesirable turning on of the device, after shutdown of a chain. Shutdown of a chain can happen, for example, after a detachment of the rechargeable battery, removal of the radio receiver or burn-out of a safety lock of the radio receiver. If the radio receiver is coded, then before a detachment of the rechargeable battery to write down a code. If the code is unknown, then the radio receiver can be launched in operation only on HUNDRED.

Individual number of a code is provided in the maintenance instruction of the radio receiver. The code cannot be stored in the car.

3. To insert two removable devices (A) on the right and at the left in openings of the forward panel. If there are no openings, to remove buttons of management and a guard. To insert removable devices.


If near at hand there are no removable devices, to insert instead of them into openings 4 hairpins 1,5 mm and about 30 mm long and thus to release a case.

4. To take out the radio receiver, without warping.
5. To mark with an adhesive tape shtekerny connections of loudspeakers (right / left) and to remove. To take out the antenna. To disconnect the multicontact plug.
6. To take out removable devices, having squeezed for this purpose lock clip-on earrings the small screw-driver.


1. To connect electrical wires and the antenna to the back party of the radio receiver.
2. To insert the radio receiver into a guard of devices before click.
3. To connect a weight cable () to the rechargeable battery.


To connect the rechargeable battery only at the switched-off ignition, otherwise the control unit of system of injection will fail.

4. To determine time on hours.
5. To enter an anticreeping radio code.
6. To turn on the radio receiver and to check work. If in the radio receiver the anticreeping code is built in, to enter it before.

Instructions to the radio receiver installed in addition

Serially installed multicontact plug approaches all radio sets of VW since 1988 of release of models of cars. The plug has the following color designations of cables:

 – red – constant plus;
 – brown – minus (mass of the car);
 – gray / blue – scale illumination;
 – brown red – the drive of management of inclusion and switching off of the lock of ignition (special equipment). Not to connect tension of the rechargeable battery to this drive at all;
 – blue / white – a speed signal for automatic volume control (special equipment).

For other radio sets there is a VW adapter.


If the cable with the adapter is not applied, then it is obligatory to pay attention to good isolation of the bared wires. Otherwise perhaps short circuit and fire of a winding of a cable.

To pay attention to that only the checked standard suppressors of a radio noise were applied (the general permission to operation, ABE). Otherwise the admission of the car to operation loses force. On sale there are suppressors of a radio noise which are specially intended for VW with the instruction for installation.

If radio is established in addition, to adjust a radio antenna. For this purpose to catch weak mediumwave radio station. Then to be adjusted by the small screw-driver on its best reception by means of the arranged screw (in front on the right on a radio receiver guard).