10.19.12. Input of a radio code

Belongs only for the VW radio receivers with a code. The anticreeping radio code interferes with undesirable turning on of the radio receiver if giving of current was interrupted. Giving of current could be interrupted with a detachment of the rechargeable battery, removal of the radio receiver or as a result of burn-out of a safety lock. If the radio receiver is coded, then before a detachment of the rechargeable battery it is necessary to remember a radio code. If the code is unknown, then again it is possible to launch the radio receiver in operation only on HUNDRED VW.

Input of electronic blocking

1. To give tension, to turn on the radio receiver. On a board of the radio receiver the instruction "SAFE" will appear.
2. To press at the same time the buttons of ranges "U" and "M" and to press until there is an instruction "1000" to release buttons.
3. By means of buttons of radio stations 1-4 to enter number of a radio code. At the same time the button 1 to enter the first of number of a code, the 2nd button – the second etc. For technical reasons the first can be only unit 1 or any while each of other three categories can be designated by figures from 0 to 9.
4. Then again to press the U and M buttons at the same time until the instruction on radio does not change on "SAFE". To release buttons. Now the device is ready to work again.


If the wrong number of a code is by mistake entered, then in the beginning there will be a blinking instruction "SAFE", then it burns constantly. Now it is possible to repeat set operation, but only once. If again the wrong number of a code is entered, then radio will be blocked approximately for 1 hour, and cannot be put into operation. On the expiration of 1 hour (the device had to be left included) the electronic unblocking can be entered again. This cycle is repeated in all subsequent wrong attempts.