10.19.4. Adjustment of headlights

For traffic safety adjustment of headlights has huge value. Exact adjustment of headlights is possible only in the presence of the special device. Therefore it will be specified only in what places the headlight can be regulated and to what conditions correctly adjusted headlight has to answer.

Tires have to have the ordered air pressure.

On sitting of the driver of not loaded car have to sit one person weighing 75 kg or be a subject of the same weight.

1. To fill a tank with fuel.
2. To install the car on the flat platform.
3. To press several times a forward part of the car with a force that the car completely leaned on a forward suspension bracket.
4. To install the adjusting button of range on "About".
5. The headlight is regulated only on passing beam (And – the adjustment screw on height, In – the screw of side adjustment). The bias of a usual headlight makes x = 12 cm by 10 m of length. At a fog light x = 20 cm by 10 m of length.

Adjustment of a fog light

1. The fog light has adjustment only on height, and has no side adjustment. For adjustment on height to insert into a cut (it is specified by an arrow) near a headlight the screw-driver and to turn a wheel.
2. At cars without spoiler (fairing) the castor (it is specified by an arrow) can be rotated by hand.