Removal and installation of the combined wheel switch

The combined switch

1. To disconnect a weight(s) cable from the rechargeable battery.


At the same time from memory of the radio receiver the anticreeping code is erased. To disconnect the rechargeable battery only at the switched-off ignition, otherwise the control unit of system of injection will fail.

2. To remove a steering wheel.
3. To unscrew crosswise screws (1) and to remove a covering (2).
4. To disconnect plugs of the combined switch (4).
5. To unscrew shlitsevy screws (5) and to take out the combined switch from a wheel shaft.
6. To remove the top part of a covering (3).


1. To establish and screw shtokovy the switch, to connect all plugs.
2. To establish a covering.
3. To establish a steering wheel.
4. To include ignition and to check operation of the shtokovy switch.