10.3.1. Check of a lamp of heat

1. To remove a lamp and to check external survey. If filament fused or the glass flask is an easy fit in a socle, to replace a lamp.
2. To be convinced of serviceability of a lamp act this way: to connect a positive wire (+) and minus a wire (-) directly to poles of the rechargeable battery and to connect to a lamp. At the same time it is unimportant how wires are connected to a lamp. One cable to contact, a lamp, the second to the case. If the lamp does not burn, to replace.


It is necessary to be convinced that contacts on a lamp and a frame of a lamp are not polluted. If necessary to smooth out the polluted contacts, bent to correct.

3. If the lamp is serviceable, to establish and include. If the lamp does not burn, to check a control lamp giving of current. For this purpose to put a control lamp to weight. It means: that one end of a cable of a control lamp should be connected to the mass of the engine (pure metal) or directly to a negative pole of the rechargeable battery. The second wire (+) or to the conducting plug, or a cable. If the control lamp lights up, and the checked lamp will not, then break in a mass wire of a lamp. In order that to check it, to put an additional mass wire to a lamp frame. Now the lamp has to burn.


There are lamps having only one conductor, for example parking light, internal illumination of salon bringing current. These lamps are directly connected to the mass of the car.

4. If in a tokopodvodyashchy cable of a lamp there is no tension, the control lamp will not light up. In this case most likely the switch is faulty. To check the switch.