2.10. Valve

Rack for details of the drive of valves


1. To remove a head of the block of cylinders.


If details of the drive of valves are established again, then they have to be established on old places. Not to mix a detail it is recommended to make a special rack of polyfoam (see rice. A rack for details of the drive of valves).

2. To remove a cam-shaft.
3. To mark dish-shaped pushers and to remove.


To store dish-shaped pushers a working surface down (the party turned to a cam-shaft).

4. To remove springs of valves. For this purpose at the plants use the special VW-2037 tool. It is also possible to remove conic crackers, valves and springs by means of the ordinary, available on sale ticks for removal of springs of valves. But then additional removal of inlet and exhaust collectors is required.
5. To squeeze springs of the valve and to take out conical crackers. To remove the top plate of springs of the valve and a spring. To take out the valve.
6. To take out a maslootrazhatelny cap.
7. Springs of the valve (shooter) to remove the lower plate by means of VW-3047 or HAZET 791-5/791-2 adaptation.


1. Before installation of valves to check guides of valves and, if necessary, to finish or grind saddles of valves (see subsection 2.10.3).


New plates of springs of valves on the lower edging of an opening under conical crackers in places have very keen edges which can damage cores of valves (risks, etc.). To replace the damaged valves. If necessary, before installation to remove agnails from plates of springs of valves.

2. To install the lower plate of valve springs.
3. To smooth out agnails on a valve core in places of a prileganiye of conical crackers.
4. From safety conditions after dismantle to replace maslootrazhatelny caps always.
5. To grease a valve core with a thin butter layer and to install the valve.
6. To get a new maslootrazhatelny cap.


If installation is made without application of a plastic sleeve, maslootrazhatelny caps will be damaged! The excessive consumption of oil will be observed in this case!

7. To establish springs. If springs of the valve are replaced, then to replace springs with couples (at once both).
8. To install the top plate of valve springs. Plates of springs of valves have outside a wide facet (A) and a facet (arrow B) inside.
9. To squeeze springs pincers for compression of springs and to establish conic crackers so that they came into valve flutes. To weaken pincers and to install the following valve.
10. To check an axial gap of a cam-shaft (see subsection 2.7).
11. To oil all dish-shaped pushers engine and to establish in openings according to tags.
12. To establish a cam-shaft (see subsection 2.7).
13. To replace laying of a head of the block of cylinders. To establish a head of the block of cylinders (see subsection