2.12. Maple belt

2.12.1. Maple belt of the generator or generator and water pomp


Depending on equipment and for the purpose of access simplification tilting of a radiator forward sometimes is required (see subsection 2.2).

Replacement and tension

1. To weaken screws of fastening (1) of a tension level (A) and the generator approximately on one turn (In – a tension nut).


The generator has to be easily mobile. It means that he has to lean back under a body weight aside.

2. To turn a tension nut (V) to the left, having weakened and having taken off maple a belt.
3. To put on maple a belt.
4. To turn a tension nut to the right and to pull maple a belt. The belt is tense correctly if the tension of an old belt is made by torque of 4 N · the m attached to a tension nut for a new belt – 8 N · m. Holding a nut in this situation, to clamp the fastening screw 1 moment of 35 N · m.


The inhaling of a tension nut requires a dynamometer key with a size of cap nozzle of 22 mm. It is possible to use also open face nozzle of HAZET 2593-22 in connection with a dynamometer key and strongly curved cap key of 13 mm.

5. To tighten fastening bolts "The generator on a support" the moment of 35 N · m, and "A tension eye on a head of the block of cylinders" the moment of 20 N · m.