Removal and installation of the distributor of ignition

Full removal of the distributor of ignition is necessary only at extensive repair work.


1. To install the crankshaft in the provision of VMT for 1 cylinder.
2. To disconnect wires of high voltage from the distributor and to uncover the distributor, for this purpose to open the screw-driver two side locks.
3. To disconnect the plug from Hall's sensor.
4-cylinder engine
4. To unscrew the lock screw on a distributor rack, previously having removed a protective cap. To remove a stopper and to take out the ignition distributor.


Not to change position of the crankshaft of the engine at the removed distributor.


1. Before installation to check position of the engine in VMT for 1 cylinder. It means that tags on a belt pulley of the crankshaft or a flywheel, and also a driving gear wheel of a cam-shaft have to coincide.
4-cylinder engine
2. In an opening of the distributor of ignition to establish a landing neck of a shaft of the oil pump parallel to the driveshaft (a longitudinal axis of the engine).
3. To install the distributor runner so that the tag on it coincided with a tag on the edge of the distributor case. At the same time the dustproof cap has to be removed.
4. To install the ignition distributor in this situation and to fix.
5-cylinder engine
5. To remove the distributor runner, to remove a dustproof cap and again to install the runner. Easy rotations here and there to check reliability of fastening of the runner.
6. To put on an ignition distributor cover, to close lamellar locks, previously having checked a cover for existence of cracks, if necessary to replace.
7. If were disconnected, then to connect wires of high voltage to a distributor cover.
8. To adjust the ignition moment.