2.15.10. Dynamic control of pressure of oil

VW T4 is equipped with dynamic control of pressure of oil. It means that control of pressure of oil is exercised and depends on engine speed.

If turns of the engine fall lower than 2000 rpm, pressure of oil at the same time falls and with a pressure below 0,3 bars on a guard of devices the warning light signal of pressure of oil blinks. At turns of the engine it is higher than 2000 rpm, pressure of oil has to make not less than 1,8 bars (the diesel engine of 0,9 bars), otherwise the light warning signal blinks again and the sound signal is distributed.

If the warning light signal of pressure of oil blinks during the movement and it is echoed by a sound signal, then it can have the following reasons:

1. Too low level of oil.
2. The otdatchik electrical wiring to the warning light signal is faulty.
3. The oil pump is faulty.
4. Radical bearings of the crankshaft failed.

1. First of all it is necessary to kill immediately the engine and to check oil level, and if necessary to add. Then to start the engine and to allow to work idling, the warning light signal should not blink. To lift turns it is higher than 2000 rpm, the bulb should not blink and the buzzer has to be silent. It is possible to continue the movement.
2. If oil level normal and at present is not available what other opportunity for check, at all not to continue the movement, and to take the car on the tow, then to check oil pressure.
3. With a sufficient pressure of oil to check both sensors of pressure of oil and an electrical wiring according to the electrical circuitry. If malfunctions are not found, to replace the relay of control of oil pressure.