2.15.2. Fluidifying of oil in the petrol engine

If cylinders receive the reenriched mix and the engine seldom works at full capacity or does not work at full capacity at all and does not manage to reach working temperature during the movement (a city motion cycle), then incomplete combustion of fuel is as a result observed.

Soot, oil deposit and other products, not burned down fuel, condensate of moisture lead to formation of dregs, the acid environment. Not burned down fuel accumulates also on walls of cold cylinders, flows down in an engine case, at the same time the oil film from walls of cylinders and pistons is washed away. As a result, insufficient lubricant of walls of cylinders and fluidifying of the oil losing the properties which depend on amount of the fuel dissolved in it.

At too strong fluidifying of oil its premature replacement will be required.

At the intense movement (the hot engine) the gasoline which is contained in oil disappears therefore, especially in the winter (repeated starts of the cold engine and, as a result, high content of gasoline in oil), frequent check of level of oil is necessary.