2.15.9. Oil circulation

Scheme of circulation of oil

1. Oil pressure sensor

2. Perepuskna the valve (opens at the hammered oil filter)

3. The valve of excessive pressure of oil (opens with too high pressure)

Through a reception grid the pump takes away engine oil from the oil pallet and forces it in the main oil filter. On the delivery party of the oil pump there is a valve of excessive pressure (the valve of adjustment of pressure of oil). With too high pressure of oil the valve opens and a part of oil flows down in the oil pallet.

Through the central axis of the filtering element the filtered oil gets to the main pipeline. At the hammered oil filter, perepuskny the valve directs the crude oil directly to the main pipeline. In a branch pipe of an oil filter there is a backpressure valve which interferes with single operation of oil channels and hydraulic dish-shaped pushers.

From the main pipeline channels for lubricant of radical bearings of the crankshaft branch off. On inclined openings in the crankshaft oil arrives to bearings of rods, and from there is sprayed and gets on piston fingers and cylinders.

At the same time oil, on vertical pipelines moves in a head of the block of cylinders and provides lubricant of radical bearings of a cam-shaft and dish-shaped pushers.