2.16.1. Circulation of cooling liquid

2.16.1. Circulation of cooling liquid

Scheme of connections of hoses of cooling liquid of the diesel engine

1. Broad tank
2. Radiator
and. Up
b. Down
3. Water circulating pomp
4. Carving stopper of discharge of cooling liquid
5. Thermostat of cooling liquid
6. Water pomp
7. Oil heater
8. Block of cylinders
9. Heads of the block of cylinders
10. Magnetic valve. Equipment of M
11. Heating valve
12. Additional heating. Equipment of M
13. First radiator of a heater
14. Second radiator of a heater. Equipment of M
15. Tee

Circulation of cooling liquid is regulated by the thermostat. So far the engine cold, cooling liquid circulates only in a head of the block of cylinders, in the block of cylinders and the heat exchanger. With increase of temperature the thermostat of cooling liquid opens a big circulating contour. Cooling liquid passes through a radiator from top to down, being cooled at the same time with the air stream passing between radiator edges.

For strengthening of a stream of VWT4 air has two thermostatic operated the fan. Fans are run by the two-level thermal sensor which is screwed in in a water tank of a radiator on the right. At a temperature of cooling liquid of 84-89 °C, the thermal sensor includes the first step of fans (average of turns). If temperature of cooling liquid rises to 90 ° –95 ° fans will turn on completely.

The 4-cylinder, petrol engine has the electric fan which engine through thin maple, the belt puts the second fan in action. In order that the fan at 1 step rotated on average turns, preliminary resistance is connected. All other engines are equipped with 2 electric fans. Three relays of switching off which are on the right from above on a radiator covering, regulate the speed of rotation of fans. At the first step fans work at average turns and get into gear consistently. At the second step of the relay turns on fans in parallel and on whole revolutions.

Depending on service conditions the optimum operating mode of fans is provided with a protecting ring which plastic plates during a phase of warming up of the engine are closed. The engine thanks to it can quicker get warm. At achievement by the engine of working temperature of a plate automatically open, thanks to the thermostat installed behind a radiator which stretches, overcoming resistance of springs.

Thanks to permanent job of fans engine capacity increases and fuel consumption decreases.

Fans can turn on also at the switched-off ignition. Residual heat in a motor compartment can be the cause even of their repeated inclusion.