Removal and installation of a radiator


1. To cast away a radiator. For this purpose to unscrew bolts of fastening (1) on the right and at the left.
2. To cast away forward a radiator with a support of the lock (shooter).
3. To disconnect the plug from the thermal sensor. The thermal sensor is on the right on a radiator at average height.
4-cylinder diesel engine and 5-cylinder diesel and petrol engine
4. To disconnect shtekerny connections from both engines of fans.
4-cylinder petrol engine
5. To disconnect the plug from the fan engine.
6. To remove the lower mudguard of a motor compartment.
7. To merge and collect cooling liquid.
8. To remove the top and lower hoses of a radiator, having weakened previously collars.
9. To beat out pins from expansion clips (arrow) on the right and at the left. To take out expansion clip-on earrings from radiator arms.
10. To take out a radiator together with the fan.


1. To replace worn-out elastic bands of fastening, rubber washers, clip-on earrings and pins.
2. To establish a radiator together with the fan in front.
3. To insert expansion clip-on earrings and to fix by pins.
4. To put on and fix by collars the lower and top hoses of a radiator.
5. To connect an electrical wiring to the thermal sensor and the fan of a radiator.
6. To fill in cooling liquid.


If the radiator, a water pomp or a head of the block of cylinders were replaced, it is necessary to replace cooling liquid completely.

7. After the control run to check tightness of all connections of hoses of a radiator.