Verification of tension

1. To check a safety lock of the 18th fuel pump. To replace a faulty safety lock.
2. To switch off ignition, the fuel pump has to work short time. At surrounding noise, for check aurally, the assistant near the fuel pump is necessary.
3. If the pump does not work, to connect remote control.
4. To press the switch of remote control. If the pump begins to work, check the relay of the fuel pump now.
5. If the fuel pump does not begin to work, it is necessary to cut a carpet on perforation to the right of the lever of the emergency brake.
6. To unscrew a protection of the fuel level sensor (the sensor in the fuel tank) and the fuel pump.
7. To separate shtekerny connection of the sensor of fuel and the fuel pump, having raised the small screw-driver side lock uvulas.
8. To connect the LED indicator or the voltmeter to both external contacts of the plug.
9. To press the switch of remote control. The measuring device has to show tension of the rechargeable battery about 12 V, otherwise find according to the electrical circuitry and eliminate break.
10. If battery tension is shown, to remove the fuel sensor.
11. To check existence of good contact and reliability of connection of an electrical wiring between a flange and the fuel pump. To check an ohmmeter and additional wires an electrical wiring from the sensor case to the fuel pump, if necessary to eliminate break.
12. If there is no break, to replace the fuel pump.
13. To install the fuel sensor, to connect an electrical wiring.