Check of the backpressure valve of the fuel pump

1. To close the manometer valve.
2. To include remote control through short intervals until pressure rises to 3 bars. If pressure exceeds 3 bars, to open a little the crane until it falls to 3 bars.


There is a danger of spraying of fuel when opening the crane. To substitute capacity.

3. If a minute later the excessive pressure of 3 bars is not created, then connections of fuel-supply lines or the backpressure valve are untight.
4. To check pressure drop. In 10 minutes pressure should not fall lower than 2 bars. Otherwise to check tightness of connection of fuel-supply lines.
5. If malfunction is not found, to replace the fuel pump together with the backpressure valve.
6. To disconnect remote control.
7. To screw a fuel sensor protection.
8. To fix a carpet by means of an adhesive tape.