2.17.4. System with absorbent carbon

System with absorbent carbon

1. Connecting plug
2. Bolts, 10 N · m
3. Magnetic valve
It is synchronized. To pay attention to situation at installation. The arrow specifies the direction of a current.
4. Rubber plug
5. Branch pipe of a butterfly valve
6. Arm
7. A tank with absorbent carbon.
Location: wheel niche in front at the left.
8. Branch
9. Pipeline of production of air

As a result of change of temperature, emergence of vapors of fuel in the fuel tank which in usual systems of ventilation and production of air from the fuel tank get to the atmosphere is possible.

To avoid emission of vapors of fuel the system with absorbent carbon is installed.

At the unemployed and the working engine fuel vapors, owing to heating of gasoline get through hose connection to a tank with absorbent carbon and there collect. The tank with absorbent carbon is under the left wing in a wheel niche.

During the movement, external air which is soaked up by the engine is taken away in a tank with absorbent carbon. Fresh air picks up, the particles of fuel which settled on absorbent carbon and via the ventilating pipeline gives them to the engine combustion chamber.

In the ventilating pipeline there is a magnetic valve which regulates amount of ventilating air. The valve is run by the monitor of system of injection of fuel. At the same time the monitor the lambda probe carries out smooth work of the valve depending on speed, loading and work. At full loading the valve is open completely. If giving of current stops, then the valve is closed completely too.

To connect a weight(s) cable to the rechargeable battery. To enter an anticreeping code, to program radio stations and to determine the exact time.


To connect the rechargeable battery only at the switched-off ignition, otherwise the control unit of system of injection of fuel will fail.