Diagnostics of malfunctions of system of injection of diesel fuel

Check conditions: mistakes at start are excluded; the fuel tank is filled, a mechanical part of the engine is serviceable, the rechargeable battery is charged, the starter rotates on the put turns.


Before unscrewing of fuel-supply lines to clean them means of cold cleaning.

The engine is not started or badly started
The engine is not warmed up To check system of heating
There is no tension on the draft switch To connect tension indicator to the draft switch, to switch off ignition. The light-emitting diode has to burn, otherwise find and eliminate break
The electromagnetic switch of draft weakened, is faulty To check reliability of fastening and contact with the mass of the switch of ignition. To alternately switch on and off ignition, at the same time the switch of draft has to click
Fuel supply is faulty To check fuel supply
Fuel-supply lines are bent, hammered, untight, porous To clean fuel-supply lines
The fuel filter is hammered To replace the fuel filter
In the winter: ice in the filter and fuel-supply lines To roll the car in the heated garage and to warm the engine
Ventilation of the fuel tank does not work. The fuel mesh filter in the fuel tank is polluted To clean the filter
The beginning of supply of fuel is brought down To check and adjust the beginning of giving
Nozzles are faulty To check nozzles, to unscrew consistently cap nuts and to check operation of cylinders
TNVD is faulty As check to establish new TNVD
The engine idles breakthroughs, at start-off from the place
Turns of idling are adjusted incorrectly To adjust idling turns
Jams the gas supply drive To restore ease of the course, to adjust
Fuel-supply lines on the fuel pump or the fuel filter weakened To replace fuel-supply lines, to fix by collars, to tighten hollow bolts
Weakened, the support plate (back fastening) or the console (forward fastening) of TNVD burst or communicated To check the support plate or the console
Pustotelny bolts of pipelines of giving and return of fuel are mixed by places It is correct to establish hollow bolts. The hollow bolt of the pipeline of return of fuel is supplied with a throttle of the return giving and "OUT" on a six-sided head is marked
Too big fuel consumption
The air filter is polluted To replace the filtering element
The fuel power supply system is untight To check external survey all fuel-supply lines (giving, return and injection), the fuel filter and TNVD
The fuel return pipeline is hammered To blow the return pipeline from TNVD to the fuel tank. To replace perepuskny a throttle in a hollow bolt of the pipeline of return of fuel
Turns of idling and limit turns are too high To adjust turns