Verification of tension and resistance

1. To check Hall's sensor.
2. To disconnect the plug from the valve of cold start.
3. To check presence of tension on all injecting valves. For this purpose to connect the LED indicator to the plug (1). To include a starter. Light-emitting diodes have to blink.
4. If light-emitting diodes burn, without blinking, to replace a weight(s) wire from the rechargeable battery to the transmission and the Digifant control unit.
5. Light-emitting diodes do not blink and do not burn. To connect the plug (1) to shtekerny connection (2).
6. To find and eliminate break in conducting between valves and the control unit. To check an electropart of system of injection for HUNDRED. Perhaps replacement of the control unit will be required.
7. If ignition is included, to switch off.
8. To check resistance of all valves of injection on connection (2). The required value see in subsection 2.18.8.


If the measured resistance does not correspond to trebuyemuy value, then at the 4-cylinder engine it is possible to determine the number of faulty valves of injection by the measured value. At the 5-cylinder engine it is necessary to measure resistance on each valve of injection. The required value: 15–20 Ohms.

9. If necessary to replace the faulty valve of injection.