2.18.5. Idling switch

Branch pipe of a butterfly valve and valve of stabilization of idling

1. Bolt
M6 = 10 N · m, M8 = 20 N · m
2. A bolt of adjustment of turns of idling (to 5/93 g)
3. Ring
At damage to replace.
4. Branch pipe of a butterfly valve
5. Connecting plug
6. Potentiometer of a butterfly valve
7. Lock plate
8. To the magnetic valve of a tank with absorbent carbon
9. Laying
To replace always.
10. To temperature regulator on
air filter
11. A sealing ring, at damage to replace
12. Stopper
To pay attention to tightness of landing.
13. A measurement tube WITH
14. Bolt, 14 N · m
15. Backpressure valve
16. To the amplifier of brakes
17. A bolt, 10 N · m (to 5/93 g)
18. Valve of cold start
19. Inlet collector
20. Arm of the shock-absorber of a butterfly valve
21. Emphasis of a rope of a butterfly valve
22. Shock-absorber of a butterfly valve
To 5/93 g only at cars with the mechanical transmission.
23. Idling stabilization valve

Inlet collector and distributor of fuel

1. Nut, 10 N · m
2. Maslozalivny mouth
3. Catcher of warm air
4. Holder
5. Bolt, 25 N · m
6. Nut, 40 N · m
7. Fuel distributor
8. Laying
9. Connecting plug
10. Top part of the distributor of fuel
11. Injection valve
12. Ring
13. Stopper
14. Tee
15. Fuel supply pipeline
16. Fuel pressure regulator
17. Fuel return pipeline
18. Sealing ring
19. Bolt, 40 N · m
20. Emphasis
21. Inlet collector
22. Valve of adjustment of pressure of ventilation of a case of the engine
23. Sensor of temperature of cooling liquid
The thermal sensor of additional turning on of the fan with the sensor of the index of temperature of cooling liquid.
With – To an inlet air duct
Д – To the valve of cold start
Е – To the backpressure valve of the amplifier of brakes


1. To disconnect the plug from the idling switch. To measure by an ohmmeter resistance on contacts of the switch. The required value see in subsection 2.18.8.
2. To open and close a butterfly valve by hand. The switch of idling has to click every time.


1. Adjustment condition: basic adjustment of a butterfly valve has to be observed.
2. The adjustment which is usually made at the plant does not change.
3. To unscrew screws of fastening of the switch of idling and to check whether the lever of a butterfly valve adjoins to the restrictive screw.
4. To tighten a few screws of fastening (1). It is strong to squeeze together the lever of a butterfly valve (2) and the switch of idling (3) (shooters) and to tighten fastening screws in this situation.
5. To open a butterfly valve the idling switch handle. The click has to be heard.