2.19.1. Removal and installation of system of removal of exhaust gases


1. To install the car on props.
2. To remove the lower mudguard of a motor compartment.
3. To moisten all bolts and nuts of system of removal of exhaust gases with means for removal of a rust and to leave for some time.
4. To remove the final muffler or an exhaust pipe.
5. To disconnect the additional muffler from a forward pipe, previously having released the exhaust system from suspension brackets.
Petrol engine
6. To unscrew a forward exhaust pipe from an exhaust collector.
Diesel engine
7. To wring out an exhaust pipe aside, so that the opposite spring plate stretched. In this situation to insert against the stop a short wedge of VW-3140 A/2 or HAZET 2586 N-2. Also to stretch the second spring plate and to insert a wedge.
8. To wring out an exhaust pipe forward in the direction of a spring plate which will be removed first of all. To check reliability of installation of a wedge in a spring plate and to remove a plate.
9. To prop up in front the exhaust system a machine jack and to release it in the middle and behind from lock rings.
10. To take out the exhaust system.
11. Details of the exhaust system can also be removed in parts. If connecting parts or bolts are not unscrewed, to warm up an exhaust pipe in junctions a gas torch.

To places of heating to enclose asbestos. Fire-dangerous!




To replace rubber rings, nuts and bolts always. In order that it was possible to remove easily nuts and bolts of the exhaust system again, it is recommended to grease, before installation, a carving heat-resistant paste, for example Liqui Moly LM-508-ASC.

1. To connect together a forward exhaust pipe and the additional muffler or the catalyst and to slightly tighten collars, without tightening. If it is required to clean, before connection, connecting parts of a collar an emery paper from combustion products.
2. To replace a contact ring between an exhaust collector and a forward exhaust pipe only at damage or leakage. If necessary, for removal to use the screw-driver.
3. To establish the stretched spring plates and to pay attention to that they took tips for deepenings on an exhaust collector, day of it to wring out a forward exhaust pipe aside.
Petrol engine
4. To screw a forward exhaust pipe.


From 6/92 g the changed forward exhaust pipe is established. Instead of a suspension bracket on the car bottom on an arm of hinged units the persistent guard is established. As the spare part the changed exhaust pipe is offered. If at old cars the forward exhaust pipe is replaced, then it is necessary to establish in addition persistent guard. For this purpose in an arm of hinged units two openings of 11 mm under deaf rivets with nuts for fastening of a persistent guard to an arm are drilled. The sizes (and = 120 mm from the middle of an average fillet, b = 24 mm from bottom edge of an arm of hinged units, with = 30 mm distance between openings). Then openings are grounded by a security measure from corrosion and the plate is screwed by the moment of 20 N · m.

5. To install the final muffler, not to clamp collars.
6. Before an inhaling of bolts to align the exhaust system, paying at the same time attention to sufficient distance from a body (not less than 25 mm), if necessary system to rotate or shift in the longitudinal direction. Lock rings have to be loaded evenly. To pay attention to that the pipe was rather deeply inserted into collars. To pay attention to the adjusting sizes.
7. To pay attention to that the ends of suspension brackets acted from rubber arms according to the size "b". Then to tighten bolts and nuts. The moments of an inhaling correspond to diameters of a carving.
8. To establish the lower mudguard of a motor compartment.
9. To remove the car from supports.