2.19.2. Replacement of spring plates

Diesel engine

If the removed spring plate (fastening of a forward exhaust pipe and an exhaust collector) needs to be weakened and stretched new to installation, then it becomes in a vice as follows.

1. To arrange a spring plate on a vice so that the wedge the shock party was in 15 mm solution of sponges of a vice.
2. To beat out carefully a wedge a plastic hammer down.
3. To arrange a spring plate on the sponges of a vice opened on 15 mm as it is shown in the drawing.
4. To hammer a long wedge of VW-3140A/1 or HAZET 2586N-1 with a plastic hammer into a spring plate against the stop. At the same time sponges of a vice have to be divorced approximately on 15 mm.

If a spring plate with a long wedge because of bad access not to establish, hammer near long a short wedge 3140A/2 (HAZEN: 2586N-2). Then to turn a spring plate and to beat out a long wedge while the short wedge will remain on the place. To pay attention to that after knocking-out of a long wedge, the short wedge lay on one of sponges of a vice.