2.19.3. Final muffler and exhaust pipe


1. To moisten nuts on a tightening collar between the average muffler and the final muffler with an exhaust pipe means for removal of a rust and to leave for some time until means begins to work, and nuts will not be cleared.
2. To unscrew a collar, to take out the final muffler with an exhaust pipe from a rubber support forward. If the place is not enough, to unscrew a rubber support from the console.
3. Rotations here and there to remove the final muffler with an exhaust pipe from the average muffler.
4. If the muffler is not removed, for its removal there are various opportunities: to cut an exhaust pipe at distance of 10 cm from a collar. Then to saw the pipe rest lengthways and to bring down by means of the hammer and a chisel. If the gas torch is had near at hand, to warm up the right place.

To protect the car bottom asbestos.


1. To check a perfect condition of a tightening bolt, a nut and a rubber support, if necessary, to replace.
2. To install the new final muffler with an exhaust pipe in a rubber support in front.
3. To put on a collar and to connect together exhaust pipes. To pay attention to the size "a" from edge of a pipe to a tag.

For simplification of the subsequent dismantling to grease a carving of a tightening bolt and the inserted part of a pipe with heat-resistant paste.

4. To align the final muffler, to pay at the same time attention to sufficient distance from a body.
5. To tighten a collar.