2.3. Removal of a radiator

1. To unscrew 4 screws of fastening (are specified by shooters) from above on a radiator.
2. To pull a radiator for the lock handle (in the middle) in the beginning up, then forward.
3. If access to a motor compartment is still not enough, to lower a radiator on hinged brackets and to prop up.
4. To remove the hose going to a broad tank from a radiator and to stop up it with the pure suitable screw.
5. To beat out from expansion clips pins on the right and at the left and to take out clip-on earrings from radiator arms.
6. To take out a radiator forward as far as the connected hoses of cooling liquid allow. To prop up a radiator, for reliability to secure a wire.
7. If even more space is required, to remove a radiator completely (see subsection