5-cylinder petrol engine


1. To remove the top protection of a gear belt.
2. To weaken 3 screws of fastening of a water pomp. To cast away the shelf mount to the right and to weaken a gear belt.


To turn the weakened pomp mount to the left (up) and to pull a gear belt.

Check of a tension of a gear belt

1. The gear belt at impact on it big and index has to be twisted by fingers in the middle between a driving gear wheel of a cam-shaft and a water pomp on 90 ° (1/4 turns). If it is more, then a belt to tighten.
2. To delay fastening of a water pomp the moment of 20 N · m (shooters specified bolts of fastening of a water pomp).
3. To turn the crankshaft on 2 turns and to check a tension of a gear belt, if necessary to adjust. For this purpose to include the 5th transfer and to push the car on a plain surface or to lift the car in front and to turn a forward wheel.
4. To establish a casing of a gear belt.