3.4. Replacement of a rope of coupling





1. If the rope of coupling is established again, the adjusting mechanism needs to be squeezed and held in the compressed situation a lock tape. For this purpose, if is available, apply a lock belt by which the adjusting device, before installation of a rope, is fixed in the compressed situation. Only the ear of a lock belt (shooter) is cut.
2. To squeeze out several times a coupling pedal against the stop.

3. To put on an ear of a lock belt (shooter) above a protective cover.
4. To take out a coupling rope from the supporting bracket.

5. To take out a coupling rope from plastic connection (1) of the rubber shock-absorber against the stop in the direction (2). Thus the adjusting mechanism will be compressed.


If the rope in this situation does not manage to be extended, means the adjusting mechanism is faulty. In this case to have a bite a rope pincers and to take out the nipple from fastening.

6. In this situation to put on loops of a lock belt pins (arrows) on both sides of the adjusting mechanism. The assistant is for this purpose necessary.
7. To remove a rope from the switching off lever.
8. To remove a rope from a coupling pedal in a car interior.
9. To take out the rubber shock-absorber from a support on the transmission and to take out a rope.


1. To replace a rope of coupling always together with the adjusting mechanism. The adjustment mechanism at new ropes is compressed by a lock tape.


Not to bend a coupling rope, otherwise operation of the adjusting mechanism can be broken.

2. To put on a rope the switching off lever.
3. To insert the rubber shock-absorber into a rope guide on the transmission.
4. To enter a rope into a forward wall and to put on a coupling pedal.
5. To insert a rope into a guide of the supporting bracket.
6. To remove a lock belt from the adjusting mechanism and to check the coupling drive.


1. To press a coupling pedal not less than 5 times against the stop.
2. To pull for a braid of a rope of coupling of plastic connection (1) approximately on 10 mm in the direction (2) – see above. The braid has to move freely.
3. If check of work is required to be made repeatedly, then in the beginning it is necessary to squeeze out every time a coupling pedal as the adjusting mechanism after each check is locked and therefore it cannot be compressed.

Not to open the case of automatic adjustment as again it is impossible to assemble it.