4.5.1. Adjustment of the drive of switching and check of work

Transmission drive

1. Lever of switching of the transmission

2. Bifurcate head of the choice of transfer

A. Drafts of switching

Arrow A. Movement of switching

Arrow B. Movement of the choice

Switching case

1. The switching handle – to press into a corrugated cover (2)
2. The corrugated cover – is entered into a frame (4)
3. The cuff – is available not in all cars. Is established together with a frame (4). The inscription "vorn" (forward) specifies the direction of the movement.
4. The frame – to get on the case of switching (7) and the screw of fastening. The inscription "vorn" (forward) specifies the direction of the movement.
5. Laying – is established between a frame and the bottom
Marking like an arrow specifies towards the movement.
6. Bottom
7. Switching case
8. The basic plug with a switching arm
9. A plug insert – at removal to squeeze both crossing points
10. Screw, 9 N · m

Switching lever

1. – to remove a switching arm together with the lever of switching (16), previously having removed details (8, 7, 3) from the lever of switching or an arm of switching
2. Basic plug
3. Plug insert
4. A tubular collar – to weaken for adjustment of the drive of switching and removal of an arm of switching and draft of the choice
5. Fastening screw
6. Nut, 18 N · m
7. Draft of the choice
8. Back draft of switching
9. The directing screw
10. A nut, 5 N · m – self-tightening therefore to replace always
11. Basic plug
12. Carving pin
13. Emphasis
14. Press spring
15. Basic finger
16. The switching lever – cars with separate seats: the switching lever in a back part is slanted back. Cars with the general sitting: the switching lever is not slanted back.
17. The directing plug
18. A lock pin – to beat out a thorn

Drafts of switching and draft of the choice

1. Back draft of switching
2. Forward draft of switching
3. Plug
4 Sealing washer
5. Bypass lever
6. Round ring
7. Basic plug
8. Washer
9. Nut of fastening, 25 N · m
10. Draft of the choice (to remove from the transmission together with a bearing 13 arm)
11. Lock sleeve
12. Spherical support
13. Bearing arm
14. Plug
15. Fastening screws a bearing arm - the transmission, 20 N · m
16. A spherical support of draft of the choice in a bifurcate head
17. Bifurcate head
18. Screw, 9 N · m
19. Lever of switching of the transmission
Is established only in one situation.
20. Basic plug of forward draft of switching
21. Nut, 25 N · m
22. Roller of switching of the transmission


1. To install the transmission in neutral situation, to tighten the emergency brake.
2. To weaken tightening a collar (shooter). Connection draft of the choice arm of switching has to be easily mobile.
3. To remove the handle of switching and a corrugated cover.
4. To remove a frame with a cuff.

The surfaces of contact of an emphasis and the case of switching have to be parallel each other. If necessary before installation by the VW-3258 template to verify an emphasis.

5. To establish a template against the stop and to clamp the screw (shooter).
6. To verify without tension draft of the choice arm of switching (a box in neutral situation) and to tighten tightening a collar the moment of 20 N · m.
7. To pull the switching lever to back sitting, to weaken the screw and to remove a template.

Check of a gap

and. Gap

Work check

1. The lever of switching has to stand in neutral situation opposite to 3–4 transfers.
2. The lower part of the lever of switching, below a bend, has to stand vertically.
3. To squeeze out coupling, to start the engine, to wait about 3-6 seconds in order that the power shaft of the transmission stopped, then repeatedly to include all transfers. At the same time to pay attention to work of blocking of turning on of the reverse gear.
4. To establish a frame with a cuff and the switching handle with a corrugated cover.
5. If switching at repeated inclusion of some transfer has still a snack, to include 1 transfer.
6. To remove a gap the switching drive for what the switching lever by the included 1 transfer with effort of 2-3 N to press to the left for a switching handle carving. The gap (distance an emphasis of the lever of switching emphasis of the case of switching) in this situation has to make: and = 1,3–2,3 mm.
7. Otherwise to switch off 1 transfer and to repeat adjustment of the drive.
8. Signs of the correct adjustment of switching are: excellent job and interaction of components of the drive of switching and ease of the course of the drive of switching.