5.1.1. General data

Peredny Bridge is executed in the form of a double cross and lever suspension bracket. It is equipped with a vibroquencher and brakes located lengthways which are on the top cross levers. The compact design provides sufficient space to the driver's legs, significantly bigger, than at a podressorivaniye with spiral springs with racks of springs. The kinematics of the forward bridge maintains sufficient controllability.

The bearing part of the forward bridge is the arm of hinged units which is connected to a body. The engine and the transmission, in turn, through the corresponding support, are fastened to an arm of hinged units. The rotary fists sitting in rubber-metal support of an arm of hinged units operate wheels.

The driving effort of the engine is transferred to forward wheels by means of two half shafts equipped with two differentials.


Welding and leveling works on the bearing and wheel directing parts of a suspension bracket of forward wheels are not admissible. In case of repair to replace self-tightening nuts always.