5.1.2. Prop of the top rotary fist

The top rotary fist under the influence of the spring force of the torsion is pressed down. Therefore at work on the forward bridge the top rotary fist needs to be raised. For this purpose it is necessary to use persistent VW-3250 adaptation. Devices are installed on the right and at the left.

To install adaptation always before the car is raised. If adaptation is installed after statement of the car on a trestle, it is necessary to remove the car from a trestle and the movements of the car forward and back again is elastic to bend and load a suspension bracket (for example, with assistance).


To install persistent adaptation so that the emphasis (arrow A) was under the top rotary fist (1) and the V-shaped cut (arrow B) rested against an arm of hinged units (2).


(If necessary) to raise completely loaded car a lifting platform so that an opportunity for installation of adaptation only appeared.