Dismantling and assembly

Dismantling of a half shaft

1. Safety washer
2. Laying
3. Internal hinged synchronizer
4. Clip
5. Protective cover of the hinged synchronizer
To check for attritions and cuts!
6. Half shaft
7. Clip
8. Dish-shaped spring
9. The sliding ring
10. Safety washer
11. Protective cover of the external hinged synchronizer
12. Hose clip
13. External hinged synchronizer


1. To remove a half shaft.
2. To cut pincers, on both parties of a protective cover of the hinge, hose clips and to remove. To shift a cover back.
3. To squeeze out the external hinge. For this purpose to establish a half shaft in a vice with the protected sponges and to clamp. To turn out a cover in the opposite direction. To screw in K.A.G-3207 adaptation carving part M16 until the hinge of the synchronizer is squeezed out from a profile shaft.
4. Internal hinge: to squeeze and remove suitable kruglogubets a safety ring (1) – see rice. Dismantling of a half shaft.
5. To squeeze out the internal hinge a suitable press, having rested at the same time a spherical nave.
6. Internal hinge: to remove laying (2) – see rice. Dismantling of a half shaft.


1. To replace fragile or faulty protective covers of half shafts.
2. To put on a shaft protective covers with hose clips.
3. To put on a profile shaft a dish-shaped spring (8) and the sliding ring (9). It is correct to establish a dish-shaped spring (see rice. Dismantling of a half shaft). The dish-shaped spring (the concave party) rests big diameter against the sliding ring.
4. To establish in a shaft flute new a safety washer.
5. To grease the external hinge of 120 g of VWG-6.3 lubricant. At the same time to press about 80 g of lubricant through internal vents of a spherical nave in the external hinge. To apply about 40 g of lubricant on hinge inside.


If only the protective cover of the hinge is replaced, if necessary, to add lubricant.

6. To press the plastic hammer the external hinge on a shaft until it not to clog a safety washer.
7. To put on a protective cover of the hinge and to establish on bigger diameter a hose clip by suitable pincers.


Often at putting on of a protective cover on the hinge case, it is pressed. As a result over a cover vacuum which during operation involves lubricant inside is formed. Therefore after installation, by means of the screw-driver, from smaller diameter, it is necessary to raise slightly a cover and to level pressure.

8. To put on a hose clip smaller diameter.
9. Internal hinge: to press 120 g of VWG-6.3 lubricant from each party of the hinge. If only the protective cover of the hinge is replaced, if necessary to add lubricant.
10. To press the internal hinge a suitable press against the stop.
11. To establish in a shaft flute a new safety washer by means of razzhimny kruglogubets.
12. Internal hinge: to fix a protective cover by a hose clip and to attach new laying on the hinge, previously having removed from it a protective facet.
13. To establish a half shaft.