5.2.2. Shock-absorber




At cars with the all-wheel drive to disconnect half shafts from the transmission and to suspend horizontally on a wire to a body. Otherwise hinges of synchronizers can be damaged.

1. To unscrew the top screw of fastening (shooter) of the shock-absorber. The car has to stand on wheels. The car, if necessary it is possible to lift a little, for access to a fixing bolt.
2. To unscrew the shock-absorber from a rotary fist, holding at the same time the shock-absorber special VW-3245 adaptation.
3. To take out the shock-absorber.


1. To check rubber basic plugs of the shock-absorber for porosity and damage, if necessary to replace.
2. To install the shock-absorber.
3. To establish a washer so that the top indicated the shock-absorber.
4. To tighten the shock-absorber from below the moment of 45 N · m.
5. To gradually lower the car, the possibility of installation of the top screw of the shock-absorber will not appear yet.
6. To tighten the screw the moment of 100 N · m.
7. If necessary to lower the car absolutely.